National Savings Day

How to Start Saving Money from this National Savings Day, October 12

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Did you know you should save more than 15 percent of your income? But most of us don’t have this habit.

According to a survey, 20 percent of US citizens don’t save anything for rainy days and those who do, save only a little. While people who save more than 15 percent of their income were only 16 percent. And 21 percent save less than 5 percent.

To highlight the importance of savings, Capital One has taken initiative to celebrate October 12 of each year as the National Savings Day.

The National Savings Day is a reminder for everyone that saving money is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it is very straightforward and simple.

There are many benefits attached to saving money including:

  • You feel more confident and empowered
  • You don’t feel broke or penniless
  • You can buy something you wished to buy but couldn’t
  • Extra money enables you to handle a crisis (of any kind) in a better way

Here are some of the tips that can help you save money on a regular basis:

Invest in Smart Home Automation Alarm Systems

Home automation devices offer many benefits. This includes:

  • Home automation systems help to save energy
  • Smart home devices are cost-effective
  • They offer convenience

Smart home automation devices such as smart bulbs consume a very low amount (up to 9 watts) of energy. While they have a longer lifespan. They are low maintenance too. This means you only have to invest once and reap long-term benefits.

Smart thermostats and smart plugs are also highly beneficial smart home devices. They are included in home security alarm system packages. Get one to save money.

Homeowner Insurance Discounts

Did you know you get insurance discounts if you have a home automation alarm system?

Home monitoring companies enhance your home security and safety. Besides, they also enable you to enjoy insurance premium discounts up to 15 to 20 percent. It reduces your home insurance costs and helps you save more.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Many times, we need to use our savings to handle emergency situations. A home emergency can occur anytime. A disease, environmental hazard or a natural disaster can befall. Having some saving with you can help deal with any type of home emergency easily.

In order to have some money saved, try to prevent home accidents in the first place. 90 percent of these are totally preventable. All we need to follow ways that help prevent them. For instance, use a personal panic button. This button comes handy during such situation.

Installing home safety devices at home also helps prevent many home accidents. Use smoke alarms at each level of your house to stay away from all types of house fires. The smoke detector detects smoke/heat coming out from the area (it is installed in) and triggers the alarm system. The home monitoring team confirms the triggered alarm and sends you help as soon as possible. Modern smoke alarms can also send you instant alerts on your cell phone app to make sure you and your family are safe.

Saving on Equipment and Installation

Latest smart home monitoring systems offer free equipment. They don’t charge you for installation and activation as well. There is only monthly monitoring fee and it depends on the package you select. Standard home monitoring packages start from $44/month.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Smart home monitoring system that can help you save money, contact us. Our toll free number is 1-800-553-9461.

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