Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael: 6 Killed in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida

Hurricane Michael, the ‘strongest storm’ in history slammed Florida and Georgia Wednesday, bringing rains and high winds in the affected regions.

Check out the terrifying Hurricane Michael by the book:

Wind Speed: Wind speed of the storm was 155 mph which is the highest speed for a Category 4 storm. It made landfall near the Panama City and Mexico Beach.

Peak Wind Gust: Peak wind gust reported was 129 mph near the Tyndall Air Force Base, FL.

Death Toll: Although the authorities worry the death toll could still increase. It is six to date. Michael killed a tween girl in her Lake Seminole home, GA.

Emergency States: 6 states have issued Weather Warning due to the Hurricane including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, and both the Carolinas.

Post-Storm Safety Tips for Residents

Be safe when you enter a destroyed building. Report the local authorities. Look for gas leaks and broken electric cords.

Protect your Family

Don’t turn on electricity if there is floodwater. For any gas leakage protection use wireless CO detectors and smoke alarms.

Secure Your Valuables

Check your valuables. If you had evacuated the house without locking the doors and windows. Risks of property loss could increase. Order smart door locks now to keep your belongings safe in future.

Prepare a list of the loss

Prepare list of the missing /damaged items. Get the destroyed items repaired and report the missing items. To protect them in the future, order the best home monitoring system in your area. Latest home monitoring systems include an assortment of safety and home defense devices. The equipment is free of cost. You only pay an affordable monthly fee for 24-hour home monitoring services.

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