Increase property value with Solar & Security

Increase property value with Solar & Security

It is a very well established fact that home improvements can improve the value of your property, these advantages come with Solar Energy System and Home Security System for very basic saleable reasons.

For example installing Solar Energy System that generates 5kW could add an average of $29,555 to the retail value of a medium-sized home as per the realtor observation.

Location is certainly a large factor of how a property should be valued. However the same factor can make a home security system imperative. This will translate into an actual increase in the value of your property; unfortunately many people don’t realize that; home improvement and maintenance are a regular thing with homeowners’ but these two features of properties would make your real estate stand out of the ordinary.

Simply making this combination of systems installation can protect and produce independent energy and will by default increase the worth of your house. As matter of fact, who wouldn’t like a house that is secure and has its own electricity.

According to a research, Installing a solar panel system can boost your property value and each additional $1 in energy bill saving adds $DOLARS$ to your total house value.

This thumb rule may vary depending on the location of your home, the size of your solar panel installation.

Home Security on the other hand is also primarily tied to the location prerequisite, yet in a different way, like if you are in a locality more susceptible to crime and property vandalizing behaviors, then a security system becomes inevitable, as it is for any home emergencies such as medical and fire breakout, would make you wonder why didn’t you get one in the first place. Therefore it is better to have, instead of regretting about it later.

People tend to deny the possibilities of the above mentioned but would like to see them making money in some way in comparison to spending.

Maybe you are also considering a purchase or selling your home, and wondering about how much a house is really worth. As a matter of fact “The Real Estate” market is getting back up. Today however the real estate agents, mortgage agents and appraisal agencies look into various factors to determine the value of a house. Other than the conventional reasons but don’t be surprised to see them asking if you have a security system while evaluating yours or telling you the house worth more because it has a security system installed  when you are buying.

Why would be a fare question and the answer is that people generally don’t realize that a home security system can actually offer convenience and protections are the two very basic catches of owning a home security System. The home security system these days are far more intense and their feature stretch from the fundamental loud ALARM sound to weather forecasts, which bring you the peace of mind.

Insurance Discounts is another advantage which may interest you when looking towards the financial and economic aspect of the purchase.  A home security system can make your house eligible to get a discount on your homeowners insurance. The amount could be up to 20% off your premium for simply having a monitored security system. Your house could be explicitly amazing in its own right but a home security system could be the cherry on the top.

Hence, the idea is along with the regular home improvements and maintenances plan for adding feature that would truly bring value to the property.

Therefore stay safe and go solar with Perfect Home Defense & Perfect Solar Home.


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