Is Home Security a Scam

Is Home Security a Scam

With the rising competition and demand for home security systems scammers try to take benefit of the situation. Here are some of the ways to spot a scam:

Aggressive Sales Tactics

Aggressive and pushy salespersons are usually scammers. Be wary of them. If a person at your doorstep is attempting to get you commit to something instantly, don’t agree to them.

Tall Claims

A salesperson who you think is making tall claims without any evidence may be a scammer. All you need to do is to verify the claim he is making. Ask him as many questions as you can. If he is making false claims, he might not be able to answer in a satisfactorily manner. And don’t sign the agreement without reading it carefully.

Doesn’t have an ID

An authorized salesperson from a home security company should have an ID. If he doesn’t, don’t believe him.

Unexpected upgrade

Some scammers claim that they are from the alarm company you are with and they have come to upgrade your equipment or monitoring system. Contact your alarm services provider first, before letting them into your house.

Nothing in Writing

If you are making a new agreement, avoid verbal agreements. Get everything in writing. It is a safe way to prevent scamming.

Some Tips to Rule out Scams

  • The home monitoring company should have clear contact information. The customer support team should be reachable and professional.
  • The salesperson talking to you should be able to answer at least most of your inquiries satisfactorily.
  • They should offer you price protection agreement. This agreement ensures that the monitoring fee would not increase for you (for a certain period of time).
  • Equipment should be free.

Perfect Home Defense offers free home security equipment. Moreover, there is no installation and activation fee. Homeowners don’t have to pay any extra amount on any of the devices they order from the company. Even if you are moving to a new place, we have a free moving plan for you. And all the home alarm equipment come with powerful batteries and warranty.

To inquire about anything, you can dial our toll free number. Our experts would love to answer any questions you have. Our website contains all the important information regarding our packages, home security products, and contact information.

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