Killer nanny sentenced imprisonment

Beware: Two Home Alone Kids Killed By Their Nanny, NY

New York – Two kids killed by their nanny when the parents were not home in New York, says police.

55-year-old, Yoselyn Ortega, was recently hired as a nanny to two young children: Lucia 6 and Leo Krim, 2.

On 25th October, 2012, Ortega stabbed them brutally when their parents were not home out of rage. However, her defense lawyer argued that she had a mental issue which made her brutal to the kids.

This incident shocked all the parents who rely on nannies or other caretakers for their children. Being busy, parents do not have any other option then hiring a caregiver. Ortega is sentenced to a life time imprisonment by the court. Read Further Details

How to Keep an Eye on Your Children Remotely

Sad incidents leave parents regretting and blaming themselves for life. Many parents think if Krim’s family was present at home, two young lives could have been saved. To prevent such incidents from occurring in your state, follow these tips:

  1. Install home security systems to stay connected with your family and children 24-7-365. With a home alarm system, you can keep an eye on them in a better way.
  2. Police recommends that parents should take advantage of the new home security camera systems that allows them to keep an eye on your children using their smartphones, from anywhere. Place surveillance cameras around your house to record each activity. This way you can also keep track of your home visitors and nannies in your absence.
  3. Keep protection of your kids and loved ones, your top priority. For this, make sure your kids’ room, play area and places where they spend most of their time is secured with a motion detector. This device triggers as soon as there is a suspected movement detected at your home. It sends you instant alerts on your smartphone too, no matter where you are. To order a motion detector or any other home alarm equipment, contact us



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