Latest on Hurricane Michael

Latest on Hurricane Michael: One Panhandle Man Killed by Michael

According to the Chatham Emergency Management Agency, Georgia the Hurricane Michael is on way. Here is a list of news updates for you:

A Florida Panhandle resident has lost his life as Michael tore through his area.

It was around 6:00 p.m. when the local authorities responded to a call. The residents reported that a tree destroyed the roof of a Greensboro house and trapped the homeowner.

Hurricane Michael has caused the power failure in different parts of Georgia and Florida. Roads are blocked and movement is not recommended.

All Beaufort County government organizations and universities will remain closed on October 11 due to Michael.

The Hurricane officially entered into the southwest of GA at 5:45 p.m., Wednesday. A flood warning in different areas has been issued by the authorities. Residents are advised to avoid unnecessary movement.

Here are some of the tips to stay safe:

  • Stay Inside

    If you were not able to evacuate, stay inside your home. Stay away from your windows. The safest place inside is your closet/bathroom.

  • Charge Your Electronic Devices

    There is no electricity in many parts of Florida and Georgia. However, if you do have electricity, charge your devices in advance.

  • Stay on the Alert

    Keep on the alert. Use your home monitoring system. The latest Smart home automation alarm systems offer weather warnings and alerts.

  • Keep the Panic button Handy

    Keep a personal panic button with you. The panic button can help save your life in case of emergency. Order one today from your local home monitoring system in Georgia and Florida.

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