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News Alert: Major Rise in Break-ins in South Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Police Requests Homeowners to Lock Doors & Windows

Pennsylvania – Police say they have recorded a major rise in home invasion burglaries in South Philadelphia this week.

Most homes that had been invaded had unlocked doors and windows. This indicates that burglaries  could be prevented if residents had kept them locked.

One of the victims informed invaders stole her PlayStation and television from her home.

According to authorities, burglars invade when homeowners usually sleep at night or during the day when usually no one or only elderly family members are at home. This is of serious concern for police.

Philadelphia police has requested homeowners to keep their windows and doors locked to prevent break-ins in future. For details, read full news.

How to Prevent a Break-in

Police data shows about 90-95% of home invasion burglary cases go unresolved across the country. And only 10% property loss could be recovered in past, according to police. So, take your best measures to avoid a home intrusion in the first place.

Here are some of the police-approved tips to prevent a break-in at home:

1. Lock Your Home

Cops say it is understandable that hot weather compel citizens to keep their windows and doors open. This has become extremely risky however. To prevent a burglary, always lock your home whether you are home or going for work. Install a door sensor, particularly at your front door so that it can inform you if there is a threat.

2. Get a Glassbreak Sensor

Many thieves and burglars try to damage your glass window or door for entering your home. Police recommends to install a modern glassbreak sensor. It is an incredible home security device that helps to secure you from invasions through window. Any attempt to damage or tamper your door or window glass triggers the intruder alarm and informs you about it.

3. Go for a Wireless Home Security System

A wireless home security system equips you against burglars and all other bad guys. Did you know many convicts agreed that they try to skip homes that have home security devices installed?

With 24-hours professional monitoring services and high quality security safety equipment, home security systems help protect you from all threats. Go for a modern wireless home security systems in Pennsylvania to make sure you are out of danger. Contact us for more details.

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