Malfunctioning Smoke Detector Causes 10 Kids Deaths

Malfunctioning Smoke Detector Causes Death of 10 Kids, Chicago

30 August, 2018 Illinois – 10 kids lost their lives in a Chicago house fire. They were gathered for a sleepover.

Authorities at Illinois say the accident has raised many questions. Why the Kids were unaccompanied, why couldn’t they get out and how the house fire started.

It is also a surprise that the fire erupted even in presence of smoke detectors. One of the homeowners told accident occurred due to smoke detector malfunctioning.

Firefighters recovered 8 dead bodies from the scene. 2 of the badly injured children were taken to the nearby hospital but they couldn’t survive.

Seems like there is more to the story, police is probing the neighborhood and homeowners about the details. Read More.

5 Fire Safety Tips for Everyone

Protect your family, kids and loved ones against fires. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) gives safety tips to the homeowners. Follow them to stay safe:

  1. Buy smoke detectors and activate them at home. Train your family to learn to use them properly.
  2. Devise an emergency evacuation plan. Involve your family and kids to participate in emergency evacuation plan once a year. Everyone at home should know how to get out of home, in case, there is a home accident.
  3. Connect modern firefighter sensors with your smoke detectors. Firefighter sensors trigger the alarm in case, there is fire.
  4. Keep your pets and kids away from fires. Don’t let them play in the kitchen or use heating equipment unnecessarily.
  5. For your family safety, make sure you have a home security system in place. It monitors your home even if you are away.

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