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Security Alert: Man Arrested for Scamming Durham Homeowners, NC

North Carolina – Police arrests a man charged with scamming hundreds of Durham homeowners this Tuesday.

Millard Fillmore Smith IV used alias to dodge hundreds of elderly ones in Durham County. He went door-to-door to ask residents for work in their homes. He called himself, “Jack Turtle”, according to authorities.

Jack Turtle used to quote a price and started to work without even waiting for the homeowners to agree or disagree to him. He used to run away after taking his quoted price without completing the job.

Police say that Fillmore Smith has two charges: exploitation of the elderly and false pretense. For more details, read full news.

How to Stay Safe at Home from Scammers and Criminals

In United States, property crime rate is very high. There is a property crime every 13 seconds and scamming is common among property crimes. Criminals use false means to fool homeowners after entering their homes. Most of them insist homeowners to let them enter inside. According to police, elderly are the major target of scammers and other criminals. They find them as a weak opponent.

So, to stay safe at your home from different scammers and other criminals, follow these given tips:

1. Secure Your Entrances

Secure your entrances using different means. Add a door alarm sensor to your entry door so that it can monitor any forceful entry at your door. Get a new doorbell camera installed so that you may see who knocks at your door. If that is an unknown person, shoo him away.

2. Get Home Surveillance Cameras

24-hour monitoring whether you are at home or not, is extremely important to keep your loved ones safe and protected. You should be able to review what’s going on at your home anytime you need to. For this purpose, get a home surveillance camera system fixed in and around your territory.

3. Tighten Up Your Security

You are 3 times more protected if you have the best home security system installed at your home. Criminals deter from home security alarm systems because they have highly effective monitoring devices that activate as soon as there is a threat detected. You can contact us for complete details about a home security system for your protection.

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