Man beaten by robbers

Robbers Caught On Security Camera in Arlington, TX

Security camera shows a man is badly beaten in his RV by robbers in Arlington, Texas

TEXAS – Unconscious in hospital, a man was beaten badly by robbers this Sunday night as the security camera video shows. Police informed that the incident occurred with an RV owner around 9:45 pm in Green Oaks Boulevard, Matlock Road. His wife called the police after the robbery.

The RV owner is in his 50s and has not yet regained his senses, hospital authorities told.

The surveillance camera video captured three men at the crime scene. They approached the RV parked to a side. Two of them entered the recreational vehicle from the side doors. After a brief argument, they assaulted the man and ran away.

As per report, it was an attempt of aggravated robbery, according to police. They are conducting search operation in order to book the criminals.

How Can You Keep Safe from Criminals

Crime rate is on a rise in everywhere. We hear robbery, theft and larceny news every day. It becomes important therefore, to keep yourself and family protected from criminals. There are top three things one can do to rid from criminals:

1. Install the Best Home Security Systems

The best way to stay safe from criminals is to have the best home security system at your home, office, apartment, business or anywhere you live. Home security systems offer high tech equipment and excellent monitoring services so that you can be protected 24/7/365. It is efficient enough to send mobile notification and trigger the alarm system for you in case of any emergency.

2. Do not Go out Alone at Night

Keeping safe in Texas is becoming difficult nowadays. Police recommends to avoid unnecessary movement at night or after darkness. In case, you need to go for work or anything, make sure you are well connected with your family through the wireless home security equipment. For instance, you can keep the panic button with you. Besides, home security camera systems can prove to be the best advise here, if you want to keep in touch with your family members at home.

3. Park Your Vehicle In the Safest Possible Place

Always find a safe place to park your vehicle. Avoid going to secluded parking lots and avoid sitting in your car for longer hours at night. Make sure the places do have an outdoor surveillance camera recording each moment. It helps keep you and your vehicle safe from theft and robbery.

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