Home Invasion in Houston

Man Losses Life in a Home Invasion in Mount Houston, TX

Texas – Robbers opened fire at a man in front of his girlfriend during Mount Houston home intrusion, says police.

On Thursday night, masked burglars entered a United Street home at 11:30 pm. Homeowner’s girlfriend was held by them at gunpoint while they opened fire at a 25-year-old man who came to rescue her.

There were three robbers who ran away as soon as they stripped the entire house, according to police sources. For more details, read full news.

Tips to Stop a Burglary

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) states that the estimate of property crime was 7.9 million in 2016. And loss as a result of these crimes was roughly $15.6 billion. There were 10.7 million criminals booked into jail in the same year. Unfortunately, property crimes across the country are on a rise. This data shows how important it is to keep away from being a property crime victim. Here are some of the tips given by police to help you stop a burglary or any other property crime:

  1. No matter if you have a family member at home, never leave your doors and windows open before going out. Use solid gates and doors so that they could not be opened easily.
  2. Install a door sensor to help monitor each entry and exit point of your home. A door sensor gives warnings to monitoring stations and to you on your smartphone, as soon as there is a suspicious entry/exit detected.
  3. Maintain your exterior. Police says, a well maintained one helps you to avoid invasion by criminals. When your shrubbery is maintained and the lawn is mowed well, burglars won’t get a chance to use them as an easy hide out.
  4. Make sure your home is illuminated at night, especially if you are not at home. Use smart energy devices to show your presence virtually. You could control these devices from your smartphone as well.
  5. Get your home monitored 24-hours by using a modern wireless home security system for better protection and better connectivity.

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