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Breaking News: Man Kills His Family on 4th of July, GA

Jackson County, GEORGIA: Homeowner opens fire on 4 family members on 4th of July, 2018.

Authorities think there is a trivial domestic argument behind this fatal shooting.

It occurred on National Independence Day, about 64 miles away from the northeast, Atlanta in 400 Block, Caruth Road.

Shooter opened fire on his daughter, his girlfriend, daughter’s husband. He then shot himself too, according to police.

Cause of this deadly shooting is still under investigation. Read more.

How to Keep Yourself Safe at Home

An FBI report reveals in 2016, total number of violent crimes including murders, assaults and rapes were 1,248,185  in the country. Property crime estimate was 7,919,035 in the year. Talking about Georgia, 1 in every 252 residents are at high risk of being a violent crime victim.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to stay safe at home:

1. Request a Home Security System

Police recommends to arm your homes with home security systems. It is a great way to protect yourself and family. With Crash and Smash proof technology, latest home alarm equipment are proven extremely helpful to keep homeowners secure against home related incidents. Security products that alarm systems offer include:

  • Elderly and seniors can sue medical alert buttons for their safety. It is also called panic button. It is a wearable that can be pushed to call for immediate help when needed.
  • The motion detection enabled home video surveillance cameras help monitor each and every movement. Any issue can trigger the security system to warn you and the monitoring team.
  • 22 percent of burglars attempt to break your window pane for entry. Make sure your windows have glassbreak sensor installed to avoid any incidence.

2. Secure Your Entrance

Use latest door sensors to protect your doors. Each entry and exit is monitored to offer you complete security at home. Intruder alarm is triggered if there is a suspicious opening/closing of your door. You can see notifications on your smartphone devices and respond immediately in case of any emergency.

3. Rule Out Fire Hazards

Home fire is also a risk for residents. Smoke/heat/freeze sensors make sure your home and family keeps away from fire related incidents. Install them near your kitchen, living rooms and doorways. Any event of fire is reported timely and fire trucks are dispatched for your safety.

For complete guidance about a home security system and different monitoring equipment, contact us anytime.

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