Man wounded in Home Invasion Robbery

News Alert: Man wounded in Home Invasion Robbery

A homeowner is severely wounded by intruders in North Miami Beach, this Saturday night

Florida – Northeast 182 Street, 22 Avenue, North Miami, a man was injured badly in his home by intruders this Saturday night. He is now out of danger, according to sources.

Ongoing investigations have started by police in the area. Currently, they have no clue about the suspects.

Apparently, it seems to be a robbery. According to CBS Miami report, the invaders broke and entered a home and held the homeowner at gunpoint for money.

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

1. Never Allow Strangers inside your Home

Never allow strangers to enter your home. Do not trust anyone who meets you on your way. One of the most common strategies of criminals is to befriend innocent public and request them to let them enter your home. Remember, it is never safe to permit strangers inside your home.

2. Never Tell Every Detail

There is no harm in making new friends. All you need to do is to be conscious. Do not add anyone in your list without being 100 percent sure about their identity, background and lifestyle before you make new friends. Be careful about sharing each and every detail about yourself, your family, your house and property. Be warned, especially if they insist you to allow them to enter your home for no good reason. Always be careful on the internet as well. Criminals use social media friends to rob, blackmail and invade.

3. Keep a Check on Who Enters and Roams Around

Keep a good check on who enters and roams around your abode. For this you can use many strategies for instance, watch from the window who stands outside frequently etc. You can also use technology for this purpose. A surveillance camera can help you keep an eye in a better way. The camera records each and every activity even if you are not home. Modern camera can also send alerts on your mobile phone as well.

4. Think about Home Security Systems

When it comes to home protection, consider taking advantage of the home security systems. A home security service provider offers advanced equipment and 24/7/365 monitoring for better protection of your home, family and loved ones.

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