Massive Fire Continues to Grow in California

News Alert: Massive Fire Continues to Grow in California

California – Monstrous fire grows rapidly till Sunday and more than seven homeowners are missing in Shasta County, CA.

However, nine other missing residents of Shasta County have been found by the authorities recently.

According to authorities, deadly fire has caused many issues for the first responders to locate the habitants.

Carr fire is growing further due to dry weather and strong winds. Authorities say the fire has chewed through acres of land since Monday. Rough estimate of the land chewed is 89,194 acres. Read more.

4 Ways to Keep Safe from Home Fire

According to NFPA, almost 7 residents die each day from house fire. Incidents of house fire have increased by 10% since 1980. To prevent your loved ones and property from home fires, follow these ways:

  1. Get a Smoke Detector

    Smoke detector ensures total smoke and heat protection for your family and home. Latest smoke detectors also offer heat and freeze monitoring.

  2. Install a Firefighter Sensor

    Novel firefighter sensor works with your existing smoke detector to help you keep safe from home fire. It sounds the loud alarm system as soon as there is a fire emergency in and around your home.

  3. Plan Fire Safety

    Educate your kids about fire risks. Never allow them to play with fire in any case. Keep your pets away from heat and fire too. Make an emergency exit plan for your home and share it with your family members.

  4. Invest in a Home Security System

    A home security system offers security as well as safety from fire and other hazards at home. With professional monitoring services, you get 24/7 protection from home fire and other emergencies even if you are not at home.

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