Mobile Home Fire in North Carolina

Breaking News: Mobile Home Catches Fire in NC

House fire turned everything to ashes within minutes this Monday, reports NC fire department

Fire tore through a mobile home near Kings Mountain, NC this Monday afternoon.

On 18th of June, about 2:30 p.m., the Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department received a call about home fire at 224 Phifer Circle, near Kings Mountain. The team rushed to the home and managed to douse the flames but considerable damage was already done. It was a small mobile home that caught fire due to unknown reasons.

Firefighters ensured the fire was completely extinguished but they could not save the valuables. No resident was at home when the incident occurred. Read full the news for more details.

3 Things to Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

No doubt a home fire is the worst nightmare one can have. It can claim life and property damage. According to the U.S. fire department statistics, house fire is one of the biggest reasons of death each year. Therefore, it is a must to take steps to protect your home and family from such a threat.

1. Follow Basic Measures When Handling Fire

It safe to say that if you follow basic measures while working with fire, it will benefit you. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Make sure you turn off all the heaters, stoves and furnaces before going out or going to bed. Make sure your flammable valuables are not kept close to fire. Above all, make sure you don’t burn yourself while cooking or taking bath.

2. Install Home Safety Equipment

Home safety equipment ensures 100% protection of your home and family. This includes firefighters and smoke detectors. These high tech devices are built to detect home fire and smoke events and timely dispatch services.

A smoke detector monitors smoke and triggers the alarm system to save your life. Firefighters work the same way, in collaboration with the smoke detectors, they monitor fire eruption and use the smoke detector’s alarm system to notify you and the central monitoring station immediately.

Home safety equipment is usually included in different home security system packages. You can also customize your package according to your needs.

3. Purchase the Best Home Security System

Police recommends to use the best home security system because it ensures your protection even when you are away. The home security monitoring team keeps update 24/7. They take it as a responsibility and contact your local fire department for you in case of fire emergency. This helps save your loved ones and property at a nominal monitoring price.

And remember, fire is man’s best friend and worst master at the same time. Handle it with great care!

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