Samuel Little confessed to 90 murders in 14 US States

“Most Prolific Serial Killer in US History” Confesses 90 Murders, 7 in GA

Atlanta, Georgia – Heard about unresolved murder mysteries, serial killers and man hunters? What if we tell you the most prolific serial killer lived around your Georgia home?

Samuel Little confessed to 90 murders in 14 US states including Georgia, Texas, California and Florida. All the brutally killed victims were women, according to the FBI.

The 78-year-old man from Georgia himself claimed to be the “most prolific serial killer in the US History”.

Giving details to the FBI, Mr. Little said he killed seven women in Georgia and about a 100 across the country.

Proper investigations and case histories of all the 7 murders of Georgia women have been proven to be linked to him, authorities confirmed.

A total number of 84 murders are confirmed to date. Little also confessed he had been killing people from Texas to Georgia and from California to Ohio. He gave names of the places and victims himself. The places list is long. But includes one murder each from Ohio, Nevada and Mississippi, three from Arizona and tens in Texas and at least 7 in Georgia.

Little confessed he targeted women who were involved in drug use and prostitution. The police said the convict confessed many other crimes including breaking and entering into houses, fraud and shoplifting etc.

All these unresolved murder mysteries happened from 1970 to 2005. Investigators are confirming the numbers he had given. Overall, 84 killings have been confirmed.

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