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5 Benefits of Latest Motion Detectors & Motion Sensors

A recent newspaper report shows that there are about 5 home intrusions each 60 seconds in the United States. This means every 10 to 13 seconds there is a home invasion somewhere in the country. To prevent your family and property from criminals, think about having a modern motion detector.

What a Motion Detector Is

Home security systems offer a brilliant device that helps to protect you by restoring your peace of mind. It senses any motion from window or door and informs you immediately.

It is basically the second layer of your home security system. If the first layer that is your alarm system, somehow, could not send you alert, the motion detector will quickly sense intrusion and turns on the alarm. With a wide angle motion detector, it is possible to cover a larger area. This means more area of your home can be secured and lesser are risks of your becoming a victim.

How a Motion Detector Works

Motion detectors simply detects any unwanted intrusion and sends alerts to your alarm system and you. This is pretty simple.  Based on the latest Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, motion detectors monitor the area they are installed. They check infrared rays of any moving object and get triggered in case there is a threat.

Here are the 5 benefits of motion detectors that can help deter criminals from your home:

1. No False Alarms

The best thing about a motion detector is that it is pet immune. This means you don’t have to worry about false alarms any more. Unlike the older motion detector generations that could not differentiate between a pet or human being, advanced motion detectors can sense and differentiate between the two. They do not turn the alarm on when your pet dog jumps from your cupboard to the couch. A motion detector can easily sense this. This saves you from false alarms that are a big problem for many of the homeowners using home security systems.

2. Greater Protection

Motion detectors offer greater protection nowadays as they cover wider area in focus. You put them anywhere and stop worrying about that place’s security. Place a motion detector at open places like your lounge, terrace or near the window for greater security.

3. More Options

Novel motion detectors can either be wired or wireless. The wireless motion detectors are considered better because they do not need cords. They need Wi-Fi or other wireless internet systems for operations. Most renters and even homeowners prefer wireless motion detectors, however. They are easy to fix and unfix. You can port them anywhere if you need to change your house or apartment.

4. Long Life

Wireless motion detectors require batteries to perform well. Battery timing is one of the greatest concerns of homeowners. They worry about shorter battery timing. However, latest motion sensors that many home security systems offer have longer battery timings (more than 5 years). This is beneficial for excellent home protection.

5. Live Notifications

What if you are away from home and somebody breaks in? Scared? You don’t need to be now. Latest motion sensors send you live alerts through your smartphone so that you can stay updated all the time, from anywhere around the country.

So, if you are a homeowner, prefer to buy latest motion detectors for the security of your home and family.

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