National Family Health & Fitness Day


Every year the last Saturday of September is marked as the National Family Health & Fitness Day. It is celebrated to increase health awareness among families.


The Health Information Resource Center established National Family Health & Fitness Day in 1996. This was done to support the goals mentioned across U.S – Surgeon General’s Report.

Importance of this Day

Experts say the day holds great importance for everyone including: children, women, men and especially the elderly ones. The day emphasis on each family member, and consider health as a top most priority.

According to a report, disease prevalence in the country is high. Health issues like obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and arthritis etcetera are common nowadays. Depression, anxiety and stress levels are also higher as compared to the past. Doctors believe unhealthy lifestyle is the major reason behind this. Lack of activity and unhealthy diet is affecting the health of many. And with all the carelessness, it is crucial to prevent diseases and different disorders.

The National Family Health & Fitness Day is a reminder for families to work on improving their health. Experts share tips to help you prevent diseases, to enjoy a better and fuller life:

Improve Your Diet

For Children

Today, children are more into fast food which is certainly not a healthy diet. Ordering home delivery is easier than ever. Every junk food we eat affects our health badly. Encourage your kids to eat a balanced diet to avoid stomach issues and obesity.

For Adults & Seniors

Unhealthy lifestyle has affected our life expectancy. Many adults prefer to eat everything but homemade food which makes them more prone to health issues in a very young age. Almost every other person is suffering from heart and stomach issues. To prevent all these problems, improve your diet.

This National Family Health & Fitness Day encourages everyone to follow a good diet.

Engage Yourself with Physical Exertion

Doctors state one of the biggest reasons for prevalence of health and fitness issues is our negligence towards physical activities like sports and exercise etc. We are more tech-dependent now. In fact, 90 percent of adults and kids like to sit and play on screens rather than playing outdoors.

Take Out 30 Minutes Daily

The World Health Organization recommends everyone to do physical activity for 30 minutes daily. Make small lifestyle changes like:

  • take a walk
  • use stairways instead of the elevator
  • Never sleep or lie down right after eating your food

Exercise on a daily basis to avoid health issues. Yoga is also considered good for your fitness. Never start a yoga pose without consulting with a certified yoga instructor though.

Be prepared for Emergencies

One sure way to stay fit and healthy is to be prepared for emergencies. Provide each of your family members with personal panic buttons to stay safe. Keep a keychain fob with you to manage any home emergency timely. The personal panic button is the best gadget for the elderly, especially those with health issues. Install a monitored security system to ensure immediate help services.

Modern alarm systems offer you a complete peace of mind at the hour of need indeed!

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