National Night Out

Community-Police Awareness: Why We Celebrate National Night Out Day

National Night Out is an important event, celebrated each year in US that aims to motivate homeowners and others to meet up in the community, arrange block parties and know their neighborhood. There homes and possessions are guarded by police. In fact, the day is one of the crime prevention strategies in the community and an effective way to support police and community relationship. The day gives opportunity to the residents to enjoy a summer day with their neighbors, community members, friends and family.

National Night Out Day, 2018

National Night Out (NNO) is celebrated on 7th August each year. This 7th August, America is marking its 36th Annual National Night-Out-Day. So, go out with your friends, invite your neighbors in a block party and arrange an outdoor barbeque with your community members today.

In US, raising awareness about the partnership between police and the community is essential. This event helps to improve your connection with police and raise your level of trust with them. Simply turning on your lawn lights bulbs and sitting with neighbors for a small talk while police and block watchers are around to secure you, increases your confidence in police and decrease your level of insecurity about your home and neighborhood.

Mark this day today with real zeal to improve your relationships with your community and neighborhood. You can share food, small gifts and even a flower from your lawn with them on this day. And don’t forget to give credit to police for guarding your home and community 24/7. They protect your life and property when you need.

Take your stand against crime and criminals this 7th of August. You can ask police questions if you have any. In fact, involve your kids and elderly with them too, to raise their awareness level as well.

Happy National Night Out, America!

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