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Never Miss Happy Moments without Your Pets

68% of Americans own a pet, while 89.7 million pets are dogs, according to a report published for 2017-2018. We all love our pets and take them as part of our family right? Our feelings for our pets are similar to feelings that we have for our close friends and other family members because we love them. Most of us can’t even image to spend our day without seeing our pet. We never want to miss a happy moment without having our pets, however, the major concern here is their safety and care, which is a challenge and our responsibility.

To make sure our pets stay safe and happy with us, let us follow these ways:

  1. Get a Motion Detector

    Motion detector is a device that makes sure your home is free from suspected people. It monitors the area under its field of view and sets the alarm, in case there is a threat or break-in. Old technology motion detectors used to trigger the alarm if any pet movement was detected in front of it. So pets could not go near the area where it was working. Nowadays, this issue has been resolved. New motion detectors are based on Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology, which allow to differ between a pet’s movement and a human body movement, and hence does not set the alarm off in such cases. This means, now you can bring your pets inside and enjoy your happy movements together without bothering about false alarms anymore.

  2. Secure Your Fluffy Friends

    There is a property crime almost every 12.5 seconds in the country. Mostly, the crimes occur during broad daylight hours in summers. The time mentioned by police is from 10am to 3pm, as it is the time when most homeowners are out and our innocent four-legged friends are home alone.

  3. Go Wireless

    A wireless security alarm system includes security devices that make sure your home and pets are well protected. Install door sensors to eradicate risks of forceful entry; include an image sensor so that you can get live alerts about your pet’s activities. Your puppies and cats are fond of hardwires and it is not possible to repel them. So, always go for a wireless security system which comes without cords and live a worry free life.

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