Property Crime Rankings by US States

New Report Property Crime Was The Top Recounted Felonious Act In The U.S. Last Year

It is troublesome and annoying when a robber escapes with your new bike or a thief finds a weak spot in your entrance and snips your high-def TV.

Awkwardly, according to recounted crime sums, property crimes like these are the number one most reported crimes in the US so far. In fact, in 2015-2016, there were around 7,919,035 reported cases of property crimes, approximately half of the country’s total stated crimes of 18,499,916.

What Is Property Crime?

As per the FBI, property crime is any law-breaking that consist of taking money or property without power or danger of force against the victims. These offenses include break-in, larceny-theft, and car theft.

To reasonably manage justice, the FBI stands by these decided upon definitions for property crimes committed in the US:

  • Break-in: The illegal entry of a building to commit a crime or a burglary. As per the FBI, something can categorize as a break-in even if there was no use of force to gain access.
  • Auto Vehicle Theft: The burglary or attempted theft of a vehicle. An auto vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle that runs on land surfaces and not on rails.
  • Larceny-theft: The unlawful taking, leading, carrying or riding away of belongings from the constructive possession of another, such as stealing, bicycle mugging, etc.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) database archives data from law enforcement on circumstances of reported fierce law-breaking and property crime. At Perfect Home Defense, we took a look at the possessions crime data and broke it down so you can see, at a peep, if your state—or a bordering one is part of the list.

Top 10 States With the Highest Reported Property Crimes

  • District of Columbia: 4,802.9
  • Alaska: 3,353.0
  • New Mexico: 3,937.1
  • Washington: 3,494.1
  • Louisiana: 3,297.7
  • Georgia: 3,004.5
  • Arkansas: 3,268.6
  • South Carolina: 3,243.8
  • Oklahoma: 2,982.9
  • Hawaii: 2,992.7

Top 10 States With the Minimum Reported Property Crimes

  • New Jersey: 1,544.6
  • New York: 1,545,6
  • Puerto Rico: 1,031.9
  • New Hampshire: 1,512.9
  • Massachusetts: 1,561.1
  • Pennsylvania: 1,742.7
  • Maine: 1,645.7
  • Vermont: 1,697.4
  • Connecticut: 1,808.0
  • Idaho: 1,744.2

Property Crime Frequency Across America

Now that we have refined the data to show the states with the highest and least recounted property crimes, here is a look at where all fifty states rank. This heat map shows the occurrence in which each state experiences happenings of property crime.

US States Top Crime Heat-map

Security And Protection First

Identifying the occurrence and severity of this law-breaking may desire you to take precautionary measures to assist defend your family and home from becoming targets of property crime. Spending in a wireless home monitoring system is one of the most fruitful ways to protect your family and possessions at home.

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