4 Suspects Alleged Of Invading Abilene Home

News Alert: 4 Suspects Alleged Of Invading Abilene Home, Assaulting Family At Gunpoint

Abilene Texas – Four individuals are accused of assaulting a woman and her kids at gunpoint while they searched for weed during a home robbery has been charged.

  • Suspect 1 – Curits McMullan
  • Suspect 2 – Ambrya Salas
  • Suspect 3 – Gage Woodcock
  • Suspect 4 – Brice Davis

The four suspects were all accused on Thursday for Aggravated Robbery, one count of Burglary, and one count of Break-in of a Habitation each in linking to an event that took place in December 2018.

A report of the home invasion says the woman was at her house on the 2400 block of Glendale Drive, when the suspects forced their way in the house and held her and her kids hostage at gunpoint while they were searching the house for drugs and other valuables.

Her son told the police that someone knocked the door and he answered to find Salas there, while he was speaking to her, two men pushed their way inside the house and held him at gunpoint.

The woman said she woke up and saw her son at gunpoint and begged the intruders not to hurt her children and two more men forced their way inside.

All four suspects as per the reports were holding the family at gunpoint searching for weed in the house.

How To Stop Burglars From Entering Your Home

According to Texas Police Department, home invasion is avoidable – all you need is to be aware and take safety measures seriously. Use these tips to stop burglars from entering your home:

  • Never ignore a suspicious activity around your neighborhood and call police before it is too late.
  • Light up your home when it is dark. Burglars and robbers avoid homes that are well-lit and streets that have more lights. Lightening helps in identifying the culprits easily which criminals fear.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked, particularly when you are not at home or are going to sleep.
  • Show your property is occupied even if it is not. For this, you can use smart devices like smart plug and smart bulb.
  • Keep your garage closed. Don’t leave windows open there.
  • Keep your shrubbery maintained so burglars can’t find a hide out.

Get a automated home security system for your home protection 24/7. A home security alarm system monitors your home even if you are not there for an extended period of time.

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