Gwinnett County Armed Robbery

News Alert: Armed Robbers Followed Victims To Home Before Assault

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – Video surveillance cameras show an armed burglar inside the victims home

The police believe the victims were followed to their home off Hamilton Hill Parkway. One of the neighbors shared their views, that it’s hard to imagine someone sticking a gun to their head to rob them in their own home.  Police said the robber was at the door to grab a purse while the other robber shoved the woman’s husband to the floor and robbed him.

The victims said they heard a gentleman down the street yelling for help, he was the one who called the police. The armed robbery happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday inside the Millside Manor subdivision in Dacula. Another neighbor’s security camera captured footage of a possible escape vehicle that has been turned over to Gwinnett County police.

Ways To Prevent A Burglary At Your Home

Home invasion burglary can be very stressful and traumatizing. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t become a burglary victim:

Install Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Ensure you install mobile video surveillance cameras in and around your residence. Video surveillance cameras play an essential role to deter criminals from your property.

Know Who’s Outside Your Door

Never open the door for a stranger. Keep yourself and your family protected by installing a video doorbell camera to know who is outside your door via your smartphone.

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