Burglar Runs Off with Jewelry worth $5000 Florida

News Alert: Burglar Runs Off with Jewelry worth $5000, Florida

The Villages, FL – Police have received a report about a brazen burglary at a house in ‘the Villages’.

The Cruces Court resident says the burglars have taken away jewelry worth $5000. The incident happened somewhere between June to September, when he was away.

The missing items include diamond stud earrings, pink coral jewelry set, and 3 gold chains.

Police are searching for the suspects and have appealed homeowners to share info if they have.

3 Ways to Deter Burglars from Your House

  • Lock, when you are out

    While you are away from home, make sure your home is well-locked. Don’t hide your door keys at obvious places outside the house. Instead, it is better to install the modern keyless entry door locks. Keyless locks make your entrance safer than other locks.

  • Fix modern security cameras, in and out

    Burglars keep away from homes equipped with modern security cameras. Fix the modern video surveillance cameras on every level of your house.

  • Take advantage of the latest home monitoring systems

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