Man Pistol Whipped At Home During Home Invasion Burglary

News Alert: Man Pistol Whipped At Home During Home Invasion Burglary

Two individuals escaped with a man’s wallet after their targets fled during a home invasion burglary south of Tulsa.

At 6:45 am two men approached a woman who was getting into her car outside her residence in 18100 block of South 71st East Avenue, Tulsa County.

The two armed men demanded money from the woman. They forced their way into her house. Sgt. Travis Jones said that the woman escaped when they entered her home. Her husband who was inside the house challenged the robbers, who consequently pistol-whipped him.

During this fight, he fled to a neighbor’s house and was able to call police from there, Jones said.

The two men were described to be two black men, one was about 5’9, and the other was 6 feet tall. Both were expected to weigh around 180 pounds, Jones said.

3 Ways To Prevent A Burglary At Your Home

Home invasion burglary can be very stressful and traumatizing. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t become a burglary victim:

Install Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Ensure you install mobile video surveillance cameras in and around your residence. Video surveillance cameras play an essential role to deter criminals from your property.

Know Who’s Outside Your Door

Never open the door for a stranger. Keep yourself and your family protected by installing a video doorbell camera to know who is outside your door via your smartphone.

Scare Away The Burglars

9 out of 10 burglars don’t break-into a residence that is equipped with a home monitoring system. Monitored home security systems guarantee the security of your loved ones. The alarm triggers in case, there is a break-in or other emergency. The monitoring team dispatches immediate aid after alarm confirmation. As an extra measure, you get emergency alerts on your phone for your protection.

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