Man Shot By Corpus Christi Police

News Alert: Man Shot By Police At His Home Is Not A Burglary Suspect

A man was shot today by a cop, turns out not to be a suspect in an attempted burglary. As per further information by Corpus Christi Police Chief Mike Markle he said, the policeman who shot the man has been placed on supervisory leave.

Police were searching for two burglaries at the time. One of the robbers was present at the Hi-Ho convenience store on Baldwin. Police was given the description of the two suspects, around 4:30 pm the cops found a man who matched the description of one of the burglars.

In a news conference this evening, Chief Markle clarified that the man was uncooperative at first with the policeman when asked to raise his hands. When the man raised his hands, he was holding an object which the policemen misidentified as a firearm and a cop shot him.  The object turned out to be a big lighter.

Chief Markle said the man had no life-threatening injuries.  Chief Markle met with the man’s kinfolk this evening and a professional would be working with the man to work on his arm.

Chief Markle called the event an ill-fated chain of events.  He said suspects involved in the thefts were arrested.

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