Manchester Home Burglary

News Alert: Manchester Home Burglary Suspect is ‘Dangerous and Armed’: Police

Manchester law officials are searching to find the suspect in a home invasion who they announced as dangerous and armed.

According to police the 19 year old Josian Rodriguez was involved in a fierce home invasion on Wetherell Street on February 19. Police specialists claim that throughout that home invasion, Rodriguez and two other suspects mugged a juvenile victim.

Rodriguez is defined as 5-foot-9, and weighs 165 pounds. He is identified to hang out in the Hartford and East Hartford areas.

Break-in Prevention Tips

  • Keep your doors closed. An open and unattended door is an open invitation to thieves.
  • Set up keyless home entry door locks to secure your doors. Keyless locks can be controlled through your mobile phone.
  • 80 percent of homeowners don’t lock their windows and you must always have window locks and a smart glassbreak sensor in place. A glass break sensor shields your window glass.
  • Create the delusion that your home is engaged. For this, work your lights virtually via smart bulbs.
  • Maintain your lawn and shrubbery. Large hedges look beautiful but they can also serve as a hideout for the bad guys.

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