Residential Burglary

News Alert: Marymonte Court Resident Arrived Home to a Burglary

California – A man entered his door and found 5 suspects invading his home, informs the police.

The burglary occurred at 2:46 p.m. on Thursday when a homeowner arrived at his home and found 5 men stealing his items. Suspects were under 25 years of age.

Seeing the victim, the burglars tried to reach their getaway car but the vehicle didn’t start. Then they ran away on foot.

Out of those 5, the homeowner held a female suspect. Read more.

4 Rules to Stay Safe from Burglaries

According to recent FBI estimates, a US home is burgled every 13 seconds. To stay safe against burglaries and other property crimes, follow these tips:

    • Get Modern Security Cameras

      1 in 2 burglars repel from modern security cameras, police informed. Get modern security cameras to protect all sensitive areas of your home. Place indoor security cameras in your sitting room, hallways, stairways, and kitchen area etc. Mount the outdoor cameras at your front door, off street windows, garage, front yard and backyard area.

    • Never Open Your Door for a Burglar

      Victims indicate many cases in which dangerous criminals target you if you open your door. Replace your old doorbell with a smart doorbell camera to stay protected 24/7.

    • Change your Door Locks

      Change your door locks when you move into a new home. 34% break-ins happen through an unlocked door. Install smart door locks to rule out your risks. Smart door locks are home entry products that make keyless entry possible.

    • Order a Home Security System

      Police recommends homeowners, renters and even paying guests to use wireless home security systems for ensuring complete protection. It increases your protection to 300 times. Alarm systems now are available at affordable rates with high tech equipment.

Call us today for more details about home security alarm systems.

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