Part Time Burglar

News Alert: Mason Robbed Homes During Lunch Time, GA

Georgia – Construction worker at Kartrite Water Park Project has been arrested by police for his involvement in burglaries in Sullivan area.

A Thompson Town home was robbed recently and the burglar ran away with jewelry and checks. Burglar cashed a check in PA and then attempted to cash another from Bloomingburg. However, the teller raised some questions so he had to run away. Later, he went to Wallkill bank where officers identified him from the surveillance video camera.

He attempted to rob the same home again with nine days gap.

Investigators informed the suspect was committing robberies during his lunch time hours and then resumed work at the Water Park Project. Read complete story.

5 Crime Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

According to Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), home invasion robberies and burglaries rate is high in the country. There is a property crime registered every 13 seconds which means there are about 5 burglaries/robberies in one minute.

Police offers these crime prevention tips to the home and property owners, following them can help keep you protected:

  1. Show your home is occupied. There is activity and you are active.
  2. Lock all doors and windows before you go to bed or work. Keep your doors locked even if you are away for a shorter period.
  3. Leave your outdoor lights on at night. Use smart bulbs to control your home lights automatically.
  4. Lock your garden sheds, outbuilding areas and garages too. Don’t tempt burglars or other criminals.
  5. If you have a home alarm system in Georgia, keep it armed. If you don’t have one, purchase it today. Home security systems help deter criminals from your home. You are 3 times more secure if your home security system is activated.

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