Burglary in California

News Alert: Residents Foiled Burglary in Progress

4 September 2018, California – Police say Pomona residents caught two burglars attempting to steal at a house.

Neighbors called police around 12 p.m. for reporting two burglars jumping through a broken window of a Laurel Avenue home.

Police reached a home, they saw a man and woman running away from the front door with valuables. All of the stolen items were recovered. It is not known what the items were. Read full story:

Crime Prevention Tips

According to statistics, more than 2.5 million home invasions are reported each year. Here are some crime prevention tips to keep your home and property safe from criminals:

  • Home alarm statistics show home invaders bypass a home when a requires a lot of exertion
  • Most entries are through the front and rear doors
  • Use a keyless entry lock to secure your doors and windows
  • Mount home security cameras around your home. Place indoor home security cameras in your kitchen, rooms, stairways etc.
  • Mount outdoor home security cameras in your garage, lawn, front and backyard etc.
  • Use home security lights. Use smart bulbs in front and back side of your home to show activity.
  • On average, only 17% of Californians have home alarm systems in place. Security specialists says, you are 300 times more secure if you install a home security systems at your home.

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