Serial Killer Drawings Spark Renewed Search For Victims

News Alert: Serial Killer Drawings Spark Renewed Search For Victims

Samuel Little, who is 78 years old confessed to 90 murders from 1970 to 2005. FBI says, while they have been investigating cold murder cases across the country, Little’s name has been on the top of the list. Once Little was interviewed by crime analysts, and he was ready to share his stories of terror he left across the country.

The 78-year-old has been spending his life in prison after being convicted for killing three people. But his name made a place in the FBI’s VICAP program, in connection to several unsolved murders across the country. The FBI has so far been able to confirm 34 killings with more pending confirmations, that’s why FBI has released the pictures that Little has drawn in prison.

FBI spokesperson said we are hoping that someone like a former neighbor, friend, family member might recognize the victim and offer an essential clue in assisting authorities to make an identification. Little has confessed to killing three women in the Atlanta area; one victim is a black woman in her late 30’s, the second is a white female aged 26, and was killed between 1983 to 1984 and chances are she was from Griffith, Georgia. The FBI said the other victim is a black woman in her ages 23 to 25 and was possibly a high school student.

 How To Keep Yourself Safe From Serial Killers

  • Never talk to strangers or allow them to meet you whether inside your home or outside.
  • Make sure to keep your windows and doors locked before sleeping or when away from home. Install smart door locks for tamper proof protection.
  • Investigate a person well before hiring a dog keeper or lawn mower.
  • Install video security cameras to keep an eye on who is coming to your house.
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