Armed home attack at a Harrison Twp

News Alert: Three Columbus Men Accused In Harrison Twp. Home Assault

HARRISON TWP. — Three Columbus males were accused Thursday in linking to a January armed home attack at a Harrison Twp. apartment.

William Baylor 26 years old, Eric Brown II 26 years old, and Kieran Furness 25 years old are accused with serious break-in, aggravated robbery, abduction, grand theft and robbery. Each charge also conveys a three-year weapon specification, as per the Montgomery County grand jury report.

Agents said a man; woman and baby were present in the home during the burglary that occurred the morning of Jan. 29 at an apartment in the 300 block of Forest Park Drive.

Furness and Brown were arrested shortly after the event. They are in custody in the Montgomery County Jail and will be charged Tuesday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

A police warrant was hand out for Baylor’s arrest. He is listed to be prosecuted March 21, or sooner once he’s in supervision.

Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Criminals

  1. We meet a lot of different people, and with some we instantly become friends. It is always a nice idea to befriend people. Nonetheless, never invite them to your home until you know them well enough.
  2. Whether you live alone or with family, it’s always best to have a support system at your home. Getting help from technology keeps you safe; consider buying the best home monitoring system for your house in Michigan.
  3. Police survey has shown that home alarm systems deter criminals from your home. A home monitoring system gets activated when there is an emergency. The alarm is triggered if somebody breaks-in or is tampering with the entrances.

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