3 Men Suspected Of Armed Home Robbery In Auburn

NEWSFLASH – 3 Men Suspected Of Armed Home Robbery In Auburn

Auburn police dept is on the look for three suspects involved in an armed home invasion at the Mallard Point Apartments on 45th street. Jessica Espinoz told the police that three armed men walked through the door before 2:30 am wearing masks into her two bedroom apartment.

They hit her brother-in-law and put on the ground, while they went through the apartment searching for valuables and reached her bedroom. She said I was panicked so I locked myself in the bedroom, but they broke the door down.

The victim told Auburn police that the suspects spoke to them both in English and Spanish, so they believe they are Hispanic. Once inside, the crooks supposedly tied those inside with zip ties. The three suspects took all their gadgets, play station and cell phones. They also stole the keys of the victim’s two cars. And threatened them not to inform the police or else they will come back and kill them.

The victims have no idea why the burglars chose them, and it’s a concerning thing for the entire community. Since they were wearing masks, the victims haven’t seen their faces.

Tips To Keep You Safe At Home

Ensure to follow the following preventive measures to stay safe:

Be Vigilant

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Install A Motion Detector

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Order A Home Security System

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