New York Man Accused With Attempted Strangling And Theft At Lewiston Motel

NEWSFLASH: New York Man Accused With Attempted Strangling And Theft At Lewiston Motel

A New York man was accused of strangling a woman and stealing from her at the local motel last week was bailed at $50,000 cash in the 8th District Court on Monday.

Howard Decarlis aged 37 of Rochester New York is being held at Auburn jail on a count of relentless assault and one count of theft, each punishable for ten years in the prison if imprisoned.

He didn’t enter a plea on Monday because criminal cases must be presented to Androscoggin County grand jury for consideration of charges.

If decarlis makes bail, he mustn’t possess or use alcohol, any illegal drugs or marijuana, or own and use any dangerous arms or weapons. Decarlis is also ordered not to contact with the woman.

According to police affirmation, Decarlis tried to choke a 19-year-old woman while she was sleeping in her motel on Lisbon Street on Monday, Jan, 21. He stole her purse and cellphone and then locked her in his motel room, but she escaped and called the police from the lobby. Before the police arrived the suspect already fled.

Police have retrieved the stolen items from Decarlis rental car in the parking lot on Bartlett Street. According to Lewiston Police Decarlis was arrested at the Acme Club on Park Street on Saturday night. Decarlis was returned to Androscoggin Jail in Auburn on Monday and is scheduled to appear in the court in April 2019.


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