North Carolina Most Wanted Fugitives List

North Carolina Most Wanted Fugitives List

The FBI has published a list of most wanted fugitives to obtain their information. They have offered a reward for information that can lead to their arrest. Details of these criminals are given here. If you know any of the offenders, do inform the police department.

Alejandro Castillo –

Alejandro Castillo is a 19-year-old boy. He has murdered his ex-girlfriend “Sandy” who lived in Charlotte and ran away with her money.

Loren Watson –

Loren Watson is a 32-year-old man. He is wanted by the Durham police for terrorizing people around him.

Kimberly Dallas –

The Fayetteville police have listed Kimberly Dallas in the most wanted list. 49-year-old Ms. Dallas has different charges including breaking and entering homes, possession of stolen items and larceny.

Derick Allan McDowell –

Derick A. McDowell is a middle-aged black man wanted by the High Point, NC police. He has committed robberies using a dangerous weapon in many North Carolina homes.

Randy Emanuel Blackwell –

The Burlington police department had listed 29-year-old, Randy E. Blackwell in the ‘most wanted list’. He has double murder charges.

Staying Safe in North Carolina

Wherever you live in North Carolina, stay safe. Follow these tips to ensure the safety of your family, home and loved ones:

Make Your Home Difficult to Invade

Most criminals bypass homes that they find hard to invade. Look for the points that criminals use to enter your house. For instance, your front and back door, open windows and backyard are some of these weak points. Make these points hard for a criminal to enter.

  • Smart Door Locks: Install keyless entry door locks for your front and back door to lock and unlock them conveniently via your smartphone.
  • Smart Door Sensors: Door sensors are wireless home defense devices that help monitor each door entry and exit. Install these sensors to protect your home.
  • Video Doorbell Cameras: Get a video doorbell camera to prevent forceful home invasions through the front door.
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Add Layers of Defense

Add multiple layers to defense to your house to ensure safety. You can do this using different techniques. One technique is by installing motion detectors on all sides of your property. A motion detector ensures no suspicious motion is left undetected. The motion sensor takes care of your property and alarms the system in case of a home invasion.

Invest in Home Security Systems North Carolina

You can’t be at home all the time to protect it. Therefore, think about investing in a monitored and smart home automation alarm system that offers 24-hour monitoring and security.

The monitoring agents ensure your safety and offer their help when you need it the most. After alarm confirmation, the monitoring professional instantly dispatches you aid at your home address which can help save a life.

A home alarm system equips your house with the most modern home security and safety devices and minimizes your chances of getting into trouble. So, make sure your NC home is armed with the best home security system before it is too late.

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