News Alert: Oak Cliff Home Invasion, Kills One, Injures the Other

Dallas police responded to a fatal home invasion robbery this Sunday morning in Oak Cliff.

Texas: Homeowners shot by robbers on Sunday morning in Oak Cliff, inform Dallas investigators.

Nikita Dickerson (38) and Jimmy Giddings (30), were sleeping at home when four intruders entered their house. The scared couple tried to resist. However, it proved fatal for them as the suspected criminals opened fire before leaving.

Additional details about the robbery are still unknown.

The injured couple was taken to the nearby hospital where Giddings couldn’t survive his wounds and died. However, Ms. Dickerson was released, after providing medical aid.

Police is still searching for all four robbers. For more details, read full news.

3 Reasons Home Security Systems are a Must for You:

Today, home invasion and robberies have become a commonplace. FBI report shows there is a home invasion robbery or burglary after every 13 seconds in the country. Most property crimes occur during broad daylight from 10 am to 3 pm or when residents are asleep at night.

People take many precautions to keep themselves and their families safe. One of the best safety solutions is to install the best home security system.

Here are some of the benefits of having an alarm system at home:

1. Modern Alarm System ensure Foolproof Protection

Home security systems help to ensure protection of your home, family, valuables, kids and pets. Security equipment is designed to work automatically for your home safety and security.

You just need to arm your security system and it will start working for you 24/7. The futuristic devices used in modern home security systems such as outdoor video surveillance cameras, smart door locks and glass sensors help to keep your home entry points secure.

2. Intruder Alarms Keep You Alert Round the Clock

You can’t safeguard your home 24/7/365. You can’t keep awake and alert your family members in case of lurking danger, even your security guard can’t control a gang alone. He must need a device to ask for help. And this help can be provided by modern home security equipment with in-built intruder alarm detection.

These intruder alarms are sensitive to suspected activities. The alarm system activates whenever there is a problem.  It helps to keep you and your home secure round the clock.

3. Monitored Home Security Alarms Work Even if You Are Away

The best home security system is the one that can offer monitoring through experts. The team is trained to offer excellent services and coordinates with you even if you are not at home. Monitored home alarm systems ensure your home and family is on guard 24/7/365. They are responsible to call for medical or police help immediately when required.

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