Security Cameras. Better Placement, Safer Home

Placement of the Security Cameras: An In-depth Discussion

We can all agree that security cameras are perhaps the most important element of any home security system. Whether you’re away from home or at home but busy with daily routine chores and not able to spread your attention, the home surveillance cameras can be your eyes and ears at all times. However, you must ask yourself, what good can the eyes or ears be if they can see or hear everything properly? Which brings us to a very important but often overlooked concern, and that is the placement of surveillance equipment, such that they deliver optimal results. The equipment might be immaculate and precise, but it still needs to be put in the right place for it to work to the best of its capacity. In order to accomplish that, here are a few important elements that you must consider in order for your home surveillance equipment to perform at a desirable level:

  • The first order of business should be to cover the entrance and exit points. First of all, there are no two ways about it, the entrance door is perhaps one of the most critical areas that since a vast majority of criminals try to break in through the main entrance. Once the entrance is secured with a surveillance camera and a smart doorbell camera, almost half the danger is averted. However, that’s not it. If your house has a side and/or a back door, you must place security cameras on those points as well, since those entrance points are often un-assumed and overlooked and he burglars are smart enough to know that those places are often the loopholes for them to strike.
  • Once you’ve decided on the entrance point and the general outdoor security, the next point of concern should be the indoor protection. This is perhaps the point that requires the most attention, deliberation and planning. To make things easier, let us break it further down for the ease in decision:
    • The primary concern should of course be the dwellers of a home. There should of course be a camera placed in the living room because it is one of the places that always remains populated with the dwellers or the guests and one might want to have their eyes on that spot all the time. Further, if you have a toddler at home or an elderly resident, you might want to install security cameras in their rooms or at a spot whereby the entrance and the room itself remains visible.
    • The secondary concern should be to safeguard the valuables. Again it must be stressed that the living room is perhaps one of the most sensitive areas that is not just filled with people, but is also home to a number of valuable items such as TV, entertainment system, furniture, decoration pieces etc. and they must be protected. Furthermore, the places like the store rooms, the master bedroom, the garage, etc. are also a few spots that require constant monitoring.
    • The last but absolutely not the least, is the monitoring of the kitchen and the fire places. Fire hazards are dangerously common in the US, and happen because of a number of reasons.Usually it is of course due to the ‘human errors’ on the part of the homeowners as most usually the fire hazards seem to originate either from the kitchen or from the fireplace, which implies that these two spots must be under constant monitoring.
  • The next concern should be to establish an optimal vantage point. Normally, in order to have a clear and all-encompassing view of the area, people setup the video surveillance cameras high. This practice is actually recommended by the professionals and does exactly what is expected of the best home surveillance cameras that is to provide the best view. However, it is important to bare in mind that there are certain laws that must be abided by. Especially in terms of out-door security whereby if you live in a community with homes close by, and you have a camera mounted at a spot that threatens to invade the other person’s privacy, that person would have every right to take legal action against you. Therefore in order to stay safe and not bother the neighbours, the placement must be done accordingly.

The said points are quite challenging because every home has its own unique design and location and require a very particular setup in order to ensure maximum security. With that said, it is advisable for all homeowners to hire the best home security service provider in their region. Homeowners should look for a group of professionals that know what they’re doing, are technically well-versed and have done their homework regarding the laws of a particular area. Having chosen such a company, there won’t be any worry left for the homeowners other than to diligently do their work and sincerely take care of their families.

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