Germantown Burglary Suspects

News Alert: 3 Germantown Burglars Caught on Camera

Pennsylvania – Cops have just released surveillance video of three burglars who entered Germantown church on 20th of June, 2018.

The investigators say 3 suspects entered through the backdoor of Baptist church at 11 p.m. They stole the safe that contained about $250. The first suspect as described by police is a Hispanic or black teen with light complexion and some goatee. The other two suspects are also black or Hispanic teens with thin bodies and casual clothing. Philly police is looking for them and requests you to help them find the suspects.

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How to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

Even churches are not safe from burglars. How can we expect our homes to be secure and safe in this world? It is a downfall of civilization and ethical values due to which people are committing such crimes.

Check out these tips for keeping your home safe and secure from burglars:

1. Get A Video Surveillance Camera

Burglars, robbers and bad guys avoid video surveillance cameras. According to a survey, 90% of convicted burglars confessed they avoid places if they identify a home security camera recording them. Latest home surveillance cameras not only make videos and identify mysterious culprits but also keep homeowners updated by informing them about their surroundings through the smart mobile access feature.

2. Opt for Monitored Home Security Systems

Best home security alarm system is the one that offers excellent security monitoring options. The reason is very simple – you can’t monitor your home all the time nor can you be home all the time to be on guard, right? A home security monitoring system watches out for your home and family round the clock. It keeps you protected without any failure. The expert monitoring consultants help you whenever you need them the most. They dispatch emergency help for you, they call you when you are in need and they take care of your life and your family’s safety 24/7/365.

3. Choose Keyless Entry Locks

Doors are the most vulnerable entry points and security of your front and rear door is extremely important. Bump keys are available in the market that burglars and other criminals use to invade a home. This makes your doors more insecure. To resolve this issue, novel home security alarm systems offer smart door locks. These smart devices can be attached with your existing doors to secure them against any danger and you don’t need keys for them. They can be opened and closed from your mobile phone or using unique access codes.

4. Keep The Medical Alert Button Handy

Keep the medical alert button with you. Panic button is made to save you from any trouble. It can come in handy if you feel panicked at home due to any type of emergency. It is a small button that you can wear around your neck, keep behind your safe or use as a wristband. You push this button to activate the home security system and get first responder’s help.

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