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6 Ways to Prevent Home Fires

Did you know there is fire incident in a US home every 77 seconds? Home fire is one of the causes of death or injury worldwide, according to NFPA. House fire is preventable. All it needs is a little care. While most homeowners are well aware about safety basics; however, only a few try to implement them in real life situations.

Following are a few tips to help you stay away from fires:

1. Regular Maintenance

Take maintenance of your heating systems seriously. Regularly get them serviced. Keep them clean and make sure they don’t have any dust and other flammable material around them.

2. Keep Your Dryer Lint-free

Lint decreases airflow in your dryer. It is necessary to keep the vents from overheating. When it is built up, it can also enter in heating coils which is dangerous.

3. Keep Your Backyard Clean

Most of the times, broken branches, leaves and litter from your backyard catches fire. Keep your backyard and home clean and trash-free. If your neighbors are burning something, the trash from your backyard and overgrown weed can catch fire due to high wind.

4. Turn on Your Smoke Detector

Authorities say it is always better to have a smoke detector in place. You never know when even a small thing at home catch fire. A smoke detector triggers if there is a threat lurking. Overheat or smoke incidents at home are common. Electric equipment can cause overheat and this can turn into a big fire anytime. Smoke detector, in such a case, sends you notification on your smartphone and email as well as it alarms the monitoring system so that they may send you immediate help. A smoke detector is also known as ‘heat detector.’

5. Contain Cooking Oil Safely

Usually people store cooking oils near to the stoves so that they could use them when in need. However, NFPA’s recent report showed, this habit can be a cause because cooking oil catches fire quickly. Keep it at a safer place. Besides, don’t let your kids and pets roam around when you are cooking.

6. Think about a Firefighter Sensor

Firefighter sensor helps to detect fire in your home. This sensor connects to your already existing smoke detector devices. It is a wireless safety device that is intended for detecting fire emergencies. It is estimated that the firefighter sensor can help reduce home fire accidents to half, if installed at homes.

Firefighter sensor is easy to install. Wireless firefighter sensors do not need plugs and cables. They use battery to work 24/7. It is always better to request the home security technician to add a firefighter sensor for your safety. Firefighter sensors offer many other benefits too. They are smart enough to respond you about any unwanted occurrence within seconds. They have wireless connectivity and sends you notifications on your smartphone. Moreover, since the wireless firefighter sensor consumes battery that comes with long term warranty and so, you do not need to be worried about changing it often that makes it completely reliable and secure.

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