Professional Monitoring Vs Diy Monitoring

Professional Monitoring Vs Diy Monitoring; A Fair Comparison

The fundamental job of a home alarm system is to secure the place, people residing in, and valuable equipment in the house from any vulnerabilities like break-in, theft, burglary, bad weather, floods etc. as well as fire, rise in mono oxide etc. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. Therefore, smart home security system is a must to keep.

A lot of potential customers are reluctant about which kind of monitoring system they should go for, either professional monitoring or Do-It-Yourself aka DIY monitoring.

There’s a ton of things making the two visibly distinct, however we are going to have a look at few most prominent ones out of all the existing points:

  1. DIY monitoring is a self-monitored system assuring the security of the abode, however, Professional monitoring is a company-monitored system eradicating all threats opposed to the safety of the home as well as its members.
  2. The do-it-yourself monitoring costs you way lesser than the latter. It is easily accessible for anyone and everyone, you just need to buy the equipment, educate yourself on how to install it by yourself without the help of a professional. On a side note, you can always notify a professional to reach out whenever you are stuck and unable to get over the problem.
  3. Having said that, Monitoring device is the focal point of your home security system, as it apprises of the detected danger. Only a professional monitoring system is able to send signals to the concerned authorities in an alarming situation, because professional monitoring stations are 24/7 monitored by the company officials. The DIY monitoring system is unable to contact further parties.
  4. The professional monitoring device fixed by the expert, promptly informs the soliciting authorities for instant help. This feature is exclusive to professional home security systems. On the other hand, a DIY system is simply unable to contact any third party to rescue the endangered house. The images and videos it saves can later be used for investigation purposes, as it gets the crime scene captured.
  5. A wireless panic button is installed in best monitoring systems. You have the option to press that button on the remote, or a wrist watch in some cases, to inform the company of home emergency, and get helped out.
  6. After alarm goes off, it begins to siren aloud. Initially, the response center tries and detect if it was a false alarm via contacting one of the residents. If it ain’t a false alarm, they immediately contact the police. Note: You are contacted by two way voice communication system, which is operated by GSM, to identify whether or not it was a false alarm. You’re asked to give them the security code while you are contacted through the two way communication system. In case it’s a false alarm, it will be disarmed.
  7. Whether it is burglary, or the home catches a sudden fire, be it rise in the carbon-monoxide, or any break-in, the monitoring station sends signal to the response center and the response center forwards it either to police, firefighters or any other soliciting department. This way a spontaneous help reaches you.
  8. Burglary in the States takes place every 13 seconds, and the average loss an owner endures is $2,250. And, any company would charge much lesser for a month than this amount. The basic home security solution costs you the tiny amount of $19.99.
  9. Security cameras always carry the risk of being hacked any day. With the DIY monitoring system, comes a fear of getting hacked. Since you are at the mercy of hackers, it’s not a consummate security package. Contrary to that, you’re never on a verge of getting hacked if you opt professional monitoring system.
  10. The top 5 companies with their average deals:
Vivint Smart Home$45.00
Link Interactive$35.00
Alliance Home Security$39.99
  1. A home monitoring system assists you to locate your toddlers crawling from one nook to another. It also confirms the precise location of your family dog, habitual of wandering around the house.


Monitoring is better


Personally i was in favor of DIY security systems but now i think Professional monitoring is much better.

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