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  • 100% Cellular
  • 2-Way Voice communication
  • Smash and Crash protection

Learn about our reliable Discover our secure, cost-efficient and easy
do-it-yourself home security system! Protect
yourself against crime by installing a security
system from Perfect Home Defence which features
24/7 monitoring and cellular-
based automation.

  • Cameras

    Recent innovations in security technologies
    allow you to access the feed from your
    cameras on your laptop, home computer,
    television, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Home automation

    Control every aspect of your home, including
    the temperature, locks, lighting, and much
    more with Perfect Home Defence’s wide selection of
    home automation products.

  • Life safety

    We offer a selection of smoke sensors, heat
    detectors, carbon monoxide sensors
    allowing you to control and monitor every
    component of your family’s safety.

  • Home security

    Install motion sensors, window, and door
    sensors to be alerted if anyone is entering
    your home.

Answer 7 questions and find out if a
smart home DIY system could be
something for you!




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Are you a homeowner?


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Do you want to be able to customize
your system?


Do you want a home security system
that is easy to install?


Do you want your home security
system to work properly when
the internet goes down?

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Do you want your system to
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  • Get the same quality protection without
    having an installer. You'll never have to
    worry about the risks associated with letting
    a stranger into your home.

  • DIY systems allow you to customize your
    security, so you know that the products
    you're getting are right for your home and
    your family.

  • DIY customization also allows you to work
    within your budget, giving you the ability
    to access quality protection at an
    affordable price.

  • It's easier than you think! Setting up a DIY
    alarm system is a straightforward process.
    You don't need to be an electrician to get
    the job done. 92% of Perfect Home Defence’s
    customers said it was EASY to install
    their system!

  • Homes don't take precautions. Installing
    a security system into your home is one
    way to make sure your home is safe
    from invasion.

  • Burglars HATE cameras because they create
    evidence—seeing a home with installed
    cameras may be enough to keep burglars
    away from your home.

Reliable cellular system

Every time your internet breaks down (and
we know this happens more times than
you’d like), your security may be exposed
to a fatal flaw. With Perfect Home Defence's
cellular-based security, you won’t have to
worry about the risks associated with an
internet-dependent system.

Backed up by 24/7 central
station monitoring

Giving them the ability to contact you
through a 2-way voice panel, call in EMS
when you don’t respond, and even call
the police for you if your home is invaded.
No matter what the situation, WE HAVE

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