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According to a newspaper report, nearly 600,000 firearms are stolen in US annually. Gun thefts are particularly higher in larger cities of the country. The worst thing is these stolen guns are misused by the thieves.

More than 69 percent violent and other crimes are committed using stolen guns from their lawful owners. And once your gun is stolen, you never know what type of the crime would be committed with it.

There is another reason why guns are one of the most favorite items to steal. There is a big market for firearms. Mostly criminals, convicts and individuals buy and sell them to carry out illegal activities with them.

Why are Guns Stolen

Law Enforcement Agencies say it is usually our own fault. Some homeowners keep guns with them for safety. They usually keep their guns in drawers and unlocked cupboards and other open places. Home invaders know these places and steal them easily.

Gun owners should follow these tips to prevent gun thefts:

Gun Protection Tips

Save your gun to make sure you don’t get into any trouble:

Lock Your Drawer

  • Lock your drawer where you put your gun.
  • Make sure you don’t put your gun in an obvious place for the burglars to steal.

Keep It Out of Sight

  • Keep your firearms away from teenagers and children. Sometimes angry teens and even tween can take out your gun during a fight.
  • It should be out of sight particularly from kids to prevent accidents.

When you are Not Home

  • Your gun is at risk when you’re not home. Make sure your doors are locked and hard to be broken into.
  • Install a door alarm sensor to monitor your door activity. Door sensors would make sure no intruder can open your door or it will trigger the intruder alarm.

Get the Best Home Security Alarm System

Free Home Security Equipment

Free Home Security Equipment & 24/7 Monitoring


Arm your house with the best security system to prevent any theft. Here is why do you need a home security system to protect your gun:

  • It can alert you in case of any threatening event such as a burglary, robbery or violent crime.
  • An armed home monitoring system can help lock all the doors and other places when you’re away.
  • It can help you keep an eye on what’s happening if there are mobile video surveillance cameras installed. Mount security cameras inside of your house as well for complete protection.
  • Make sure you install a motion detector near the drawer/cupboard in the room where you put your gun. It will help you monitor suspicious movement at that particular place. Modern motion detectors are pet immune which means you don’t have to worry about false alarms at all.
  • And last but not least, home monitoring systems offer 24-hour emergency service in case of an accident. This means the thief or burglar can’t run away with your gun easily if you have a monitored home security system in place.

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