Scary Home Invasion Caught on Camera

TEXAS – An upsetting home invasion video clip released by Houston police in which the invaders are firing at the homeowner. Police says they made video public so that someone might help identify the suspects.

Last year in April, 3 burglary suspects entered a home in Truxton around 9:00 a.m. and begin to shoot the homeowner violently. He was wounded brutally and received 7 bullets. The invaders then turned to his wife and demanded cash. Failing to do so, they opened fire on her too, informs police.

The suspects are still on the go and investigators request public to help them. For more details, read more.

3 Ways to Keep Away from Violent Home Invasion

Here are 3 ways to keep away from violent home invasion:

1. Install a Wireless Home Security System

If you have a wireless home security system installed, consider yourself safe and protected. 9 in 10 convicts informed they repel from homes that have smart home security systems in place. With high tech home security equipment, you get round the clock monitoring. In case there is an emergency, the intruder alarm triggers and an instant notification is sent to you.

2. Get Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras prove to be extremely beneficial to help in repelling burglars and to book the culprits into jail. Mount home security cameras inside and around your home. Modern indoor and outdoor home security cameras keep you posted through your smartphone.

3. Take Advantage of a Smart Door Lock

Knowing that a burglary suspect is in your home can give you shivers. Take advantage of a smart door lock that ensures your doors are well locked and can’t be broken into easily. Smart door locks make possible keyless entry which ensures better protection.

Smart door locks are simple to install and can be accessed through your smartphone as well. You can enter your home using your cellphone or by applying a smart code.

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