Retired University Professor in Ann Arbor Killed in His Townhouse

Breaking News: Retired University Professor Killed in Ann Arbor

Unsolved murder raises many questions about safety of the Michigan homeowners

A 76-year-old university professor found lifeless in his basement this Monday in Ann Arbor, MI.

Investigators say it is a case of homicide. The man was a retired professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan.

Police found foul play evidences from his townhouse where he was murdered. However, the case is still under investigation. Click here to read full report.

3 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe at Home

Homicide is a serious crime. There could be many reasons and other crimes linked with it, like home invasion, breaking-in, assault and even personal unfinished business. It is important to keep yourself safe and protected at home. Follow these tips for this reason:

1.  Keep Your Life Personal

Keep your life personal. Choose only the few trust-able friends. Don’t inform everyone too much about your personal life like before going on summer trips. Don’t share about your property details that you might own, let’s say any rental house that you might have, an extra apartment you own or even a townhouse, where you like to spend your free time alone. Make new friends but don’t trust them blindly. It is good for your personal safety at home.

2.  Purchase the Best Home Security System

According to police, you are three times more safe if you have an alarm system in place. Home security systems keep you safe from all appalling situations. And a monitored home security system gives you real-time response services by a team of certified agents who keep a track of emergency alerts 24/7/365. They are at your service even if it is day or night, somebody is home or not etc. This actually ensures that they’ve got your back which in return gives you a peace of mind.

3.  Integrate Home Security Equipment

Home security equipment are built on latest technology that is sensitive to suspicious motions and all other threats at home. Some of the essential home security devices that every home should have are the motion sensors, video surveillance cameras and smart door locks especially. These equipment ensure your home safety and security at any cost.

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

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