Car Burglaries

Security Alert: Rise in Vehicle Thefts in Marin County, CA

California – Marin County faces rise in vehicle thefts and other burglaries, says a police report.

Many cars have been stolen around the famous Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point, which is one of the main tourist points in California state. So, visitors are specifically warned to be careful at that place.

There are more break-in reports according to the Marin Independent Journal. Police informs everyone to be highly alert around the Marin County, CA. Read full report.

3 Tips to Keep Away from Burglaries

Burglaries in California are on the rise. There are many police reports on daily basis about home invasions, burglaries, thefts and vehicle robberies etcetera. To keep yourself safe from burglaries, follow these five tips:

1.      Vehicle Safety Tips

Keep your car doors and windows shut and locked well. Never park your car at a lone and dubious place. Take care about vehicle maintenance. Get the best car alarm system for your car’s security. Whenever you park it in your garage, make sure your garage door is locked properly as well. Get smart bulbs installed, that can be lit up using your mobile phone and make sure there is a surveillance camera installed inside the garage, to keep thing on check when needed.

2.      Home Security Systems

Purchase the best home security alarm system for your home and family’s security. The best home security monitoring system gives a peace of mind indeed. Based on innovative technology, the latest home security alarm system companies offer security equipment such as smart door locks, different sensors (for doors and windows: glassbreak sensor, motion detector and image sensors etc.), doorbell cameras and surveillance cameras to ensure protection of your family.

3.      Personal Safety

For your safety, make sure you don’t bump into trouble by yourself. Always keep an eye on your surroundings. Don’t permit strangers at your personal space readily and try not to go alone at night or near highly risky areas around your house. And to prevent any issue, keep the medical alert button with you. This button can get you instant emergency help just by pressing the button.

Watch out for yourself!

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