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Robber Caught on Camera in New York City

New York – Police is searching for a robbery suspect, caught on camera recently, robbing and choking a victim in a neighborhood.

Surveillance video shows a woman (aged 34) walking in her neighborhood at Crown Heights, on August the 8th. It is evening time and the victim is alone.

A young man appears suddenly. He pushes her near a parked vehicle and chokes her till she gives him her cell phone and handbag.

The robber says something to her before fleeing from the crime scene with her belongings. Read more.

Tips to Stay Safe in Your Neighborhood

According to a recent FBI report, 7.9 million property crimes and 1.2 million violent crimes were registered in U.S in 2016. Overall loss as a result of property crimes was $15.6 billion, which is quite high. Moreover, robberies, burglaries and thefts are on a rise these days.

To avoid such incidents, follow these tips to stay safe in your neighborhood:

  1. Keep an eye on your neighborhood. Watch out for people who you feel are dubious. Stay with near your kids. If they want to play in the street, make sure to keep an eye on them.
  2. Time can make a big difference even if you live in the safest place in your city. Be careful when you go alone at night.
  3. Make sure your neighborhood is well lit. Police recommends every home and street should have good lighting system. For this purpose, you can install smart energy devices like smart bulbs and smart lights, around your home and ask others to do so too.
  4. Surveillance camera systems are installed almost in every nook and corner of the country. If your neighborhood doesn’t have these security cameras, make sure they are installed as soon as possible. If they are in place already, ensure they are well maintained and can work properly. In fact, you and your neighbors can use home security cameras as well. Surveillance cameras promise your security and act as eyes for you and the police.
  5. Take advantage of technology. Get a wireless home security system, to protect your family and belongings. Police suggests you are 3 times safer if you have a home security alarm system in place. You get 24-hours monitoring and emergency support, even if you are not at home.

For more tips and tricks on home and neighborhood safety, feel free to contact us.

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