Five people are on the run after killing man

Security Alert: Robbers fled after murdering a man in Lauderhill

A gang of five robbed and murdered their new friend in his own condo in Florida

Florida-Robbers murdered a man in his condo in February.

The killer gang of five robbers are still on the loose. Parts of their getaway vehicle however, are recovered from California and Texas, informs police.

Giving details about the gang, police says, it consists of three women and two men. One among them is 23 years old, Jaun David Carvajal from Orlando. His video can be seen on Youtube singing a song under a fake name, “Juribel”.

Juribel was arrested for another charge the next day. Police released him after two days as they could not find any evidence against him.

The murder victim was Emerald Sr., 44. He was a businessman in Virginia.  On 11th February, at predawn hours, he invited three young women at his condo in Lauderhill.

One of them invited two more men to the victim’s home without his permission. This resulted in a brawl in which Sr. was shot by one of the gangsters. Read full report.

Keeping Your Home Safe from Criminals

Crime rate in Florida is unstable. 1 in 37 residents are at high risk of being victimized. We read about many robbery, theft and larceny cases daily. Breaking and entering homes, robbing someone and killing them has become common.

Here are some protection tips for your home and life safety:

1. Never Allow Unknown People at Home

We meet different people daily and some of us readily become friends. It is always good to befriend people. However, inviting them home after the first meeting is not safe for you and your family, unless you know them well enough. Always avoid inviting strangers to your home especially if you are alone.

2. Have Good Support System with You

Alone or with family, it is always important to have a support system with you at home. You can take help from technology. Today, it is highly essential to have a support system for your self-defense. Consider purchasing the best home security system for your home. It includes equipment and services that support you when you need them most.

3. Home Security Systems Repel Criminals

Police reports show that home alarm systems help repel criminals from your home. A home security alarm system not only supports you but also get activated when there is an emergency. The alarm triggers when there is a stranger inside. It can also trigger upon unwanted movement. You can also get notifications for these questionable activities at home on your smartphone.

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