News Alert: Robbers Injure a Man in Northwest Dallas, TX

Texas – Robbers hit a man for money this Sunday morning in northwest Dallas, says police.

Police was contacted at 2:30 a.m. in the morning from Zodiac Lane neighborhood by an injured man, who informed cops that two robbers demanded his wallet and when he refused to give it, they struck him with a gun before opening fire at him.

Police is still looking for the suspects. Read full news here.

How to Prevent a Robbery

According to FBI, about 327,374 cases of robberies were registered nationwide in 2016, which accounted for $390 million loss on average. Police data shows, it is not easy to recover the loss as a result of robbery, burglary and home invasion etc. Therefore, it is always better to think about its prevention measures before it is too late.

Here are some of the best ways to keep away from chances of robbery:

1. Get a Smart Door Lock

Always make sure your windows and doors are closed. Police say burglaries and robberies occur usually when your doors and windows are unlocked. To ensure your home doors and windows are locked and not breakable easily, get a smart door lock. It is a type of lock that does not involve keys and is connected with your home alarm system. The smart door lock triggers the alarm as soon as any activity of entry by any intruder is detected.

2. Install a Door Sensor

A door sensor is a sensor type that makes sure the main doors of your home are intruder-free. They keep track of door opening and closing activities and notify you, in case there is a threat.

3. Get a Motion Detector

Places like your room, terrace, balcony or even kid’s room can be secured by installing a motion detector. Modern motion detectors are pet-friendly and don’t trigger false alarms in case, there is a pet movement detected.

4. Arm Your Home Security System

Keep your home security system armed to make sure you are safe and protected against all threats. According to police statistics, burglars and robbers avoid homes that are secured with active monitoring systems.

Monitored home security systems are considered more beneficial because they involve professional monitoring agents that make sure your home and family is protected 24/7 without the blink of an eye.

If you’re shopping around and planning to buy a home security system, feel free to contact us for details.

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