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Safety Alert: Burglar Terrorized Family during a Violent Home Invasion

September 5 2018, Florida – Police inform burglar entered a home near Deerfield Highlands on August 31st at night. He threatened the family to kill a 2-year-old if they did not give him cash.

The man was tall and violent. He hit the baby’s father before leaving with $20 and his iPhone.

The burglar was wearing a black dress and he had a revolver in his hands. Police have recently released his sketch and appealed the public to help identify him. Read More

Family Safety – Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Family

FBI stats reveal around 2.5 million homes are robbed each year. About 5 to 6 burglary reports register in a minute here. Follow these safety tips to protect yourself and your family against burglars:

  1. Make it difficult for the burglar to enter your home. Don’t invite them by keeping your doors and windows open.
  2. Look for the best home entry products to ensure your entry point security. Use smart door locks instead of traditional locks. They have better results and they are more reliable.
  3. 22 to 24 percent of burglars enter through your glass windows. Get glass break sensors for your window and glass door security.
  4. Take advantage of the video surveillance cameras to deter bad guys. 19 in 20 burglars confessed they bypass homes with home security camera systems.
  5. Equip your home with home security systems as you are 300 times more protected if you use them.

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