Serial Burglar Arrested in Palm Desert

Safety Alert: Serial Burglar Arrested in Palm Desert

California – Joseph F. Ramey faces more than 20 charges including home and commercial burglaries.

Police say the suspect recently robbed an Indian Wells home while the homeowner was away. He burgled multiple of other homes and commercial properties during summers. His ‘targeted list’ includes 10s of Thousand Palms, Palm Springs and Palm Desert homes and about 8 stores in Palm Springs.

From the Indian Wells home, Ramey stole checkbooks. He was caught attempting to cash checks from different banks. He is in custody now. Read more

5 Crime Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

  1. Check your doors and off-street windows. Make it a habit to keep your entrance and back door locked even if you are at home.
  2. Grab smart door locks to make sure your door locks can’t be tampered.
  3. Ensure foolproof security of your home. Install modern home security camera systems on all sides of your home. Fix indoor home security cameras to secure the interior. Protect your outbuilding areas with outdoor security cameras.
  4. Use home entry products to secure your entrance. It is the most vulnerable part of your home. Install a doorbell camera at your front door to keep track of your visitors.
  5. To ensure your safety, order the best home security system near you in California. Survey reports show you are 300 times more secure if you have an alarm system. You can enjoy real-time monitoring and 24-hour professional support at an affordable rate.

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